Favorite Color

100% green. I think it's my love for nature that makes this the winning color because I'm really a super fan of so many colors. In fact, the answer to this question evaded me for most of my adult life.

Favorite Drink

Water on the daily but I love a good lavender latte (made with breve). If we're venturing into the world of adult beverages, I love a dry red wine or a vodka based cocktail.

Favorite Food

Butter. Wait, hear me out. Butter makes everything better. Eating bread...grab the butter. Sautéing it in butter. Making a pie...put butter in the dough. As Amy March says in Little Women, "Oh isn't butter divinity?" (le sigh)

Favorite Hobby

You'd think the answer would be photography, but nope, my favorite thing to do when I'm not working or tending to home life is quilting. I design my own patterns, and hand quilt a little, too. I feel "off" if I haven't spent some time quilting each week.

More about me:

I am a wife and a mother to seven children, whom I affectionately refer to as "McHubby" and "McKiddos." My world pretty much revolves around them.

I love design and the balance of color and line, which manifests itself through making quilts, home decorating, and of course, photography. 

I love nature. HUGE fan of trees, flowers, our cute and essential pollinators, and making the world a more beautiful place through growing plants.

I love God and I love people. Meeting new people, and hearing their stories is truly one of my favorite things. I feel that when I look into the face of any person, I am getting a glimpse of the face of God.

Why Photography?

I fell in love with photography in my early twenties, taking photos of family and landscapes. By my late twenties I was working for a Jackson TN photography studio but felt drawn to a new adventure: running my own business; I wanted to be Mama first, photographer second.

My children will forever shape my why, but it wasn't until my nephew passed away that I found the depth of meaning in why I specifically choose photography. My first response to the news of his passing was to dig up every photo I could, just to see his face again. The images that I found myself drawn to most where created by professional photographers who patiently and skillfully captured more than just a pose and a forced smile...they captured the essence of who he was.​

This is what I do, too. Sure, I pose and count to three to let you know when I'm going to click the shutter, but I capture the moments in between the poses, too. I capture the ponderings, and the sweet laughter of individuals, and the authentic interactions of couples.

It would be my sincerest honor to capture those moments for you, so that you, too, can look back and treasure this one precious life and the faces of those you shared it with. 

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