Meg here!

Medina, TN Photographer

My favorite days start with waking up early to enjoy a slow morning of drinking coffee in my mug-of-the-day and sitting in the glorious warm sun with my chickens (I wish every day could be so serene).

I'm a wife, a mom, an 80's baby who loves her 90's music and movies, and a comfort creature. While I love putting in extra effort to dress for an occasion I really love staying home in sweats and cozying up with a quilt and book.

That said, you may be in for a shock when we first meet because ...

I am a goof, like totally awkward. I cannot be effortlessly cool no matter how hard I try which generally means I make others feel really good about themselves. You're welcome, ha!

I am an amalgam of many things but if I had to distill myself (and how I approach photography) down to a few words they would be, aesthetics meets goofy-authentic.  I'm here for all of it...the beautiful and the real.




One of my favorite things about moving to the south is how GREEN it is here in the summer. I love green and I love outdoor summer sessions with all the beautiful green as our backdrop.


I love waking up to the smell of coffee in the morning. First thing I do when I roll out of bed is craft my perfect cup of comfort with warm, frothy breve; a pinch of salt; and a scoop of collagen. If I'm feeling extra fancy, I like to add a little lavender syrup. So good!


Butter. Before you try and tell me butter doesn't count, hear me out! Warm, crunchy sourdough slathered in butter is the actual best. Sautéing veggies or seafood in melted butter is a game changer. Butter dough is the most delicious for making pies. And don't get me started on the absolute decadence of browned butter.

As Amy March says in Little Women, "Oh isn't butter divinity?" (le sigh)


Quilt making is my go-to activity for creative expression and, honestly, a little order in this chaotic mom-life. I enjoy creating my own designs but my favorite is improv piecing with scraps. I hand quilt a little, too. I keep an album of photos on my phone, proudly sharing them with anyone who asks.